I only take on a limited number of clients, so that I can really focus on them and the changes they want to make.


I utilise a combination of clinical hypnotherapy with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation techniques and coaching. Here are just some of the issues I can help you address, using a mix of coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy, tailored specifically to what you want to achieve.

We will sit in comfortable chairs and you will be in control right through the session.


How long are appointments?

Your first appointment will be 90 minutes.  It is a chance for us to explore the issue that is troubling you and for me to learn more about you – your goals, dreams, and plans for the future.  I will be asking questions and getting you to tell me about yourself.   If there is time, we will do a relaxation or brief therapy session.

The subsequent sessions build on from the first and these will be up to 90 minutes, as therapy and problems do not always work to the clock.

However, if you wish, the sessions can be shorter – 50 or 60 minutes – it is up to you.



There is no hard and fast rule.  Sometimes it will be a good to book another session soon.  But generally, sessions are weekly to start and moving to fortnightly later on.

Face to face or On-line?

Again this is up to you.

On-line coaching / therapy works well and can be easier to schedule into a busy diary.

Often a mix often in person, on-line and telephone coaching is very effective.


How many appointments will I need?

NLP and Hypnotherapy are considered brief forms of therapy.  However, everyone is an individual and we all construct our world in different ways and we all hold beliefs some of which are useful and some less useful.  So although two people may seem to have the same issue, each person will be different and will take different lengths of time and need different interventions.

People who have come to see me have found that fears of dentists or flying, small spaces or exams may just take one 2-hour session, but it can take more.

People with anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship issues, have found that they benefitted from allowing for 6 – 8 sessions.

Smoking – as many appointments as you feel you need until you are ready to quit, and then we will do a 2 hour Quit Now session


What guarantees do you give?

I cannot give any guarantees that treatment will be effective and it does require you to make efforts to ensure you put into practice any suggestions I make.


What happens if I need help in between appointments?

I encourage you to text me during the week to tell me what POSITIVE CHANGES you have noticed, as it is important to get your brain thinking along new healthier tracks.   Alternatively, if you are having problems, do text and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.   If you  significant help or advice between sessions, e.g. that requires more than c 15 minutes of my time, this will be charged for at my normal rate.


What happens after my last session?

I will always be there if you need that bit of extra informal support.  After your set of face-to-face appointments have concluded, there is an optional telephone and text support package that can help with any unexpected hiccups or help you prepare for difficult situations.  If you need detailed or significant help between sessions, e.g. more than c 20 mins, this will be charged for at my normal rate.



1) The Body Factory, 105 Nibthwaite Road, Harrow HA1 1TE

2) The Gestalt Centre,15-23 St Pancras Way, London NW1 0PT

3) The Stanley Building, 1 Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG

3) Home Visits

3) Secure on line coaching platform

4)  The Windmill Studio Centre in Ruislip Manor



Appointments are available  Monday to Saturday and also by arrangement on Sundays.



The first session must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance

100% of the fee will be payable if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance.



How do I contact you?

Call me on 07792 447 331 to book your FREE 20 minute consultation 

 or email me on coaching@suegray.co.uk or fill in a contact form on the site

or fill in a contact form on the site