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More classes / courses will be added once I know what people would like.  So, please sign up to the MeetUp Group, that already has over 100 members.   Do join, even if you are not in the area, as I may be able to put on some live Skype Classes



Meetup – Calm In Minutes – Wednesday 8 February 6 – 7pm

Eventbrite – Calm In Minutes


Why Meditate?

Meditation can help you on a number of levels

  • It calms your mind
  • It helps your body to heal
  • You learn how to let go of the constant chatter
  • You can gain clarity,
  • Perform better,
  • Sleep better,
  • It can you you to improve relationships,
  • It can help you feel much more content
  • When you need to take action to deal with something,  you are likely to be much more effective

Do call me on 07792 447 331 if you would like to chat over how meditation may be able to help you.


Mind Calm

Mind Calm and Body Calm are modern-day meditation techniques that gives you ‘peace with mind’ and can also help your body to heal.  Instead of having to stop your thoughts, get rid of your emotions or change your body and life BEFORE you can enjoy serenity and success. Mind Calm is all about accessing your inner source of calm, clarity, confidence and contentment – NOW.

It enables you to reconnect with yourself, understand the causes of stress, and easy steps to avoid taking on more stress while releasing the stress that has built up over the years.   Based on the latest developments, the meditation techniques are easy to learn, fun and comfortable to do, whilst giving you all the benefits of traditional meditation, and can be learnt in individual sessions or in group courses.

Additional benefits include performing at your best, healing faster, sleeping better, accessing your intuition and creativity and connecting with others on a deeper level.  It works by helping you to change your relationship with your mind and cultivating the habit of being consciously aware of the present moment during daily life.

Different from mindfulness because it has an easy and enjoyable meditation technique at the heart of it, which you can use eyes-open or closed to enjoy the benefits anytime and anywhere. If you want to quieten your mind, feel better and get more done with less stress, then Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that you’ve been looking for!

You will learn how to experience calm and be able to access it when ever you want

People often say mediation is not for them as they can’t stop their thoughts and emotions, but with Calm Meditations, you don’t need to.

You can learn to be at peace with thoughts and emotions, rather than stop them.  You will learn to meditate with your eyes open and closed.

What is it you really want out of life?  What is lasting and achievable?

And will what you may think you want really make you happy in the long term? Remember the song – ‘Oh Lord Wont You Buy Me a Mercedes Benz’?

Would you like to be calmer, more patient? What is getting you down, making you stressed?  Would you like another way of dealing with life’s roller coaster?

All  you need is 10 minutes twice a day and you will notice the difference in all areas of you life

I offer group classes (subject to demand) and one to one coaching.

Private Classes  – The cost of a 6 week course is £480.  Each class will last 75 minutes.   This can be shared with one or two other people.

Public Classes –  Subject to demand a class will be run at the Body Factory, Harrow and a morning class at Eastcote House and Gardens

Classes are subject to demand – if you would like to register your interest please call Sue on 07792 447 331



Body Calm

Body Calm is the powerful meditation technique that uses the mind-body connection to help the body to heal. It works by giving your body the rest it needs to recover while bringing greater harmony within the mind, body, soul and life. It can also be used by individuals wanting to support their body to heal or by people wanting to stay fit and healthy.

With this complimentary technique to the very popular Mind Calm meditation, you are given a masterclass in the interconnectedness within your thoughts, emotions and body.  You will discover the common mind based causes of bad health and lower physical performance.  You will learn how improve your relationship with your body and why healing your unhealthy beliefs and reducing reactive resistance can help your body to be healthier and perform at optimal levels.

With the Body Calm Meditation Technique for daily practice and Embodying Exercise for resolving your specific issues, Body Calm helps you to have a calm mind and a condition-free body.  So if you want to help your body heal and perform at your best in business or sport, then this is the meditation technique that your body has been waiting for.

Body Calm Course

Private Classes  – The cost of a 6 week course is £480.  Each class will last 75 minutes.   This can be shared with one or two other people.

If you are interested in learning this on a one to one basis or in a small group, please contact me.