Totally Committed to Quitting

6 Step Guide 


What is your TCQ Score?

 How Totally Committed to Quitting are you?

On a score of 1 – 10

 Where 10 is the highest commitment to quitting

 Where are you?

 Don’t worry if you aren’t at a 9 or 10 yet!


Sue Gray Coaching has developed a 6 stage guide to quitting, that you can work through at your own pace, with expert help to boost your chances of success.

STEP 1 – Join online Social Support Network – Quitza

STEP 2 –  Learn Mind Calm – understand how your mind works and can keep you stuck.  De-stress and become Calm. Practice a simple meditation.

STEP 3 – Become Totally Committed to Quitting

STEP 4 – Rehearsing the future


STEP 6  – After session support




After years of starting and stopping, I finally stopped using the hypnosis I will use with you.

I haven’t looked back.

I do not crave cigarettes

I can comfortably sit with someone who is smoking.

I know what it is like to feel you have to light up even when you have a cough.

To have to stand outside in the rain.

To exasperate the people around.

You don’t want your kids seeing you smoke, and you don’t want to be a smoker, but it feels as if the cigarettes are in control, not you.



No matter how confident or unconfident you are about successfully quitting, I will work with you for as many or as few sessions as you need to get you to the point where you are determined to make a success of quitting.  Then when you are ready, you will move to the final stage of actually quitting.

I will use a mix of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation techniques to boost your confidence and determination.


What are YOUR responsibilities?

No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.  No one can turn you from a committed smoker who enjoys smoking and is only trying to give up to please family and friends, into a non smoker overnight.

If you are Totally Committed to Quitting, hypnotherapy will have its best chance of working.

So your responsibility is to be completely honest with your self – and us, so that I can help you get you TCQ score up high.

It hasn’t worked before, why will it work now?

If you had adopted that limiting belief earlier in life, you wouldn’t even have learnt to crawl, let alone walk, swim, ride a bike or speak.  Even learning to smoke took effort and practice!

Hypnotherapy can be really effective as it addresses the habits and beliefs you have built up.

Also, just because you didn’t succeed quitting up to now, is no reason to give up.  Some therapists use standard scripts and these might not work for everyone.   I will work with you to identify the key triggers and work those into the the programme and the final session when you quit for good.

How many sessions?

I will take it at your pace.  You need to prepare and have strategies in place to cope with stressful situations that might in the past have driven you back to smoking.  I suggest a minimum of 3 sessions.



STEP 1 – Join online Social Support Network – Quitza

I recommend that you join Quitza the worlds first social smoking cessation network.  This will give you fantastic on line support before and after you quit.




STEP 2 – Understand more about how your brain works and can keep you trapped in unwanted habits.

Learning a simple calming meditation such as Mind Calm,  will help you understand how your brain works.  You will also de-stress, become calmer, more focused and learn how to to STOP before you react to a situation.     Ideally you would learn and practice Mind Calm a month or so before you quit.

You will understand that you are not the voice in your head and you can watch your thoughts and emotions – including the need to smoke, without having to act on them.

Mind Calm was developed by Sandy Newbigging and I am a certified Mind Calm Coach.


STEP 3 –  Becoming Totally Committed to Quitting

On a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is Totally Committed to Quitting, I will work with you to get you to a TCQ of 9 – 10.  This has to be what you want –  Totally Committed to Quitting – once and for all, finally for good, for ever.

I can work with you developing that commitment, so that you believe that it is possible.

What else is smoking giving you – companionship etc?  There may be something it would be useful to address before quitting.

I will also look at the habits and rituals you have put in place around smoking, when you smoke, what each cigarette gives you – some help you unwind and relax and some you have to help you concentrate or wake up. Some when you are already relaxed and chilled, some when you are stressed.  It is interesting that we use nicotine to give us opposite effects.


STEP 4 – Rehearsing the future

I will look at what processes and excuses you have used in the past to go back to smoking.   I will rehearse all sorts of scenarios to deal with situations that in the past might have been a problem for you. One of my favourites was to argue with my husband to the point where he told me to go and buy cigarettes!  So it was his fault, not mine!

NOT TRUE.  YOU ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BEHAVOIURS, but I can help you change them.



This session will be 90 minutes long and will start with you handing over all your cigarettes, lighters tobacco, papers, filters, boxes.

I will tailor the session to take into account what you have told us about your addiction, motivation, triggers and what has made to relapse in the past.

You will also pay the Stage 5 fee of £180 in cash in £5 or £10 notes for the session before I start, counting out each note.  This will help strengthen your commitment.


Step 6 – After session support

I recommend that you use QITZA for free support after you have stopped.   (Quitza is the worlds first social smoking cessation network.)

You will have learnt some simple NLP techniques that you can use to distance yourself from the desire to smoke. I am available by phone or  text too, if you should need my support.


Guarantees – additional free sessions or money back

I don’t offer either.  You are responsible for your behaviour; no one else is.  Most websites that offer guarantees have very strict policies in relation to notifying them of using any nicotine product, and this is taking the responsibility away from you for your behaviour.


Smoking Cessation Master Class Certificate