what it is you want to change?

what you would like to have instead?

what is getting in your way?



Are you in Chronic Pain?

I can help you resolve the issues that may be underlying the pain, re-programme your brain away from the automatic pain reaction and / or teach you mental techniques to cope with pain.  My blogs contain a lot of information on how the brain creates and deals with pain.


Do you want to sleep better?

I will help you to relax, calm your mind, worry less and sleep better.  Download your copy of my FREE guide to better sleep and remember that a few sessions of hypnotherapy may be a simple quick way of getting more sleep. Did you know that until lights became common in our homes, people’s sleep was broken into two phases, with wakefulness in the middle of the night being used for prayer and meditation?


Have you experienced a setback or do you need to re-balance after a major life change?

I can help you to re-establish your life, get back on your feet with a new sense of calm confidence.*

I can coach you so that you can find yourself again and become the best you that you can be.


Would you like to identify limiting beliefs and behaviour and change them?

We will explore what these are, what purpose they were serving and change them to ones that are positive and life-enhancing.

Perhaps you believe that you will never succeed in achieving your goals. that you will never really be happy.  Or perhaps you believe that life will always struggle. Having such an outlook on life is counter-productive in many ways – not least because lasting contentment comes from within.  You will perhaps be surprised to find how easy it is to ‘change your mind’.


Do you want to de-stress, stop overthinking and learn to switch off?

I will provide you with techniques you can use to switch off, de-stress, slow down your thoughts and feel calm.  This, in turn, will help you to sleep better, get more done and help you improve your relationships.


Has your work-life balance has got out of kilter?

We will explore your priorities and make the changes that support your health and wellbeing

Staying late at the office, bringing work home, being online overnight or at the crack of dawn are not only bad for your health but you may also be seen as not being able to cope, or not being a grounded and rounded individual.  So while taking on a lot of work may seem like a good way to get noticed, it may be not be the image you really want to project.  It is also very damaging to relationships.


Do you want to experience increased calm and well-being?

As well as working on the issues causing your stress, I can teach you a range of techniques, including easy to use, effective meditations


Do you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, overworked and reduce your to-do list?

I will help you take back control, change your negative inner voice and set realistic, achievable goals.


Do you want to set clear achievable goals and stay on track?

I will coach you as you to decide on your priorities turn them into a workable plan, that inspires you to take action, backed up by a belief that you can succeed. I can then hold you to account as you out them into practice.


Do you want new strategies for dealing with difficult people or situations?

We will explore how you want these relationships to work, rehearse ways to behave, while at the same time accepting that there will be people you simply don’t get on with.  I will provide you with personalised ways of remaining calm and confident so that you deal with difficult situations effectively.


Do you want to resolve relationship issues?

Relationships are vitally important to our well-being, but unlike our cars, computers, garden and the many other things in our lives that we service and tend on a regular basis, relationships often get ignored.  Things start out great, then its just how life is and until there’s a problem, you may not pay the relationship much attention.  I will help you explore what you want from the relationship and what you are prepared to put back in, as well as dealing with any festering conflicts.  See my article “Relationships are where you go to give, not take

We have relationships not just with our partners but also with our kids, family and bosses. And we can also have unresolved issues with people who are no longer in our lives.  Communication is key to maintaining great relationships but is not always easy to maintain your balance in day to day life.  We can forget that each person’s thoughts, feeling, behaviours and needs affect the other and affect the relationship itself.


Do you want more confidence, new skills or a new job/ promotion?

I can coach you so that you take interviews in your stride and show you ways to make learning new skills easy.  NLP is an excellent tool for switching on your brilliance in new areas.  Whether it is learning and practicing a new skill, or becoming confident at something you haven’t been very good at, I can quickly help you shine.  This can work for so many things – including:

  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Confidence
  • Being upbeat and resourceful
  • Enjoying something you might be dreading


Are you losing your job?

I can coach you in new skills and work with you as you design and build your new future. It is easy to find that our identity is caught up in our work and it can leave us in a state of shock when we have to leave our job. If you are being made redundant, I will help you address questions such as ‘why me’, ‘who am I now’?  If you are retiring, there are enormous opportunities for you to develop new skills and interests and friends – even a new career.


Are you going through one of Life’s Upheavals?

One thing in life that is guaranteed, is change.  I will work with you to come to terms with the changes affecting.  Some changes can be particularly testing such as becoming a parent or grandparent, children leaving home, looking after aging relatives, retirement, redundancy or splitting up.  I will work with you to get your happiness back and help you learn how to take life’s challenges in your stride. Caring for yourself as well as caring for others.  Making sure your voice is heard and your needs are met.


Do you want to learn an easy to use, effective mediation that works with your eyes open or closed?

I can include calming, relaxing meditations as part of our sessions, or offer a 6-week Mind Calm course – this meditation was developed by Sandy Newbigging.


Do you feel stuck and lack motivation?

I will help you explore what you need in order to rediscover your happiness and contentment, and deal with the issues facing you.


Are experiencing depression?*

I can help you to leave the past behind, start focusing on the sort of future you want and start to rediscover your happiness

Many people struggle with these feelings and it can be very hard to just get through  your day or week, let alone live the life you want.    Feelings of depression can be like a layer of grey cloud hanging there – stopping you from seeing the blue sky and the sun, so much that you can almost forget that your life was like before.   I remember once saying that it was like trying to push a huge boulder up a hill, and just as I thought I was making progress, it would roll back down and flatten me.  Read more


Do you feel anxious and worried?  *

Do you find your mind racing, overthinking as you try to get life under control, do you worry about little things as well as big ones, finding it hard to calm down and switch off?

I can show you ways to calm your system, slow down your thoughts and give you alternative strategies for dealing with situations. *

We all experience periods of worry and nervousness, anxiety and stress, and these allow us to respond to challenges and dangers.   But sometimes it becomes too frequent, and you find you are having incessant and illogical thoughts even about little things, which then become bigger and bigger. When your mind is racing and won’t stop, getting off to sleep and staying asleep becomes hard.   You might be waking in the night going over and over and over that issue.   3am was my preferred time!  Sometimes it feels like you just get back to sleep again, as the alarm goes off.    After a while you might start to feel burnt out.  Maybe the worry, stress and overthinking is taking its toll on your body too, –  indigestion, skin problems etc. and that also keep you awake at night.  Read more


Do you want to quit smoking?

Is there a voice in your head telling you can’t quit?  You have tried so many times before – everyday you promise yourself – tomorrow, next week…

You can do it – just think … how many times did you try before you learned to walk or talk or ride a bike or swim?  Did you give up and decide walking and talking were not for you?  Of course not!  When you were crawling, you didn’t have that voice inside your head telling you would never succeed. So I can help you change that voice and replace it with one that believes in you.  I have developed a 6 step programme designed to get  you ready to quit for good.

I can help you become TOTALLY COMMITTED TO QUITTING (TCQ).  On a scale of 1 -10, where 1 is low commitment, and 10 to absolutely committed, where are you now?  Read more 


Do you experience fears and unpleasant memories?*

If you are suffering from fears, bad memories and unpleasant or traumatic events, I can help you.  I use a gentle and safe approach where you are in complete control at all times.  You won’t forget the memory but it will intrude less in your life and you will feel OK with the thought.  I work successfully with a wide range of issues from witnessing upsetting events to fear of animals, dentists or flying.


Are you coming to terms with loss?

Losing someone you love or even a pet is very painful and it can take much longer than you expect to be able to move on.  You can find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster and simple things such as a song or a smell can bring sad feelings rushing back.  You also may find yourself wracked with guilt.   I can help you gently heal your emotions while still honouring your memories.


Other areas of hypnotherapy I deal with

▪           Irritable bowel syndrome

▪           Obsessions and compulsions *

▪           Pain management *

▪           Panic attacks *

▪           Phobias *

▪           Post-traumatic stress disorder *

▪           Public speaking

▪           Sleep disorders *

▪           Stress *

▪           Stuttering *

▪          Poor reading / writing skills

▪           Difficulty concentrating

▪           Fear of dogs


Consulting your GP

It is important to consult your GP if you think you are suffering from a condition that is starred/ *  on this page , and talk to them about diagnosis, treatment and other options you may be considering, such as alternative therapies.


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