“I can recommend Sue as an NLP practitioner with the ability to really help you to makes big changes. She is a warm, kind and caring with a fabulous sense of humour and great skill in her work.” Heather Thomas, Advanced Lightning Process® Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist MBIH, NLP Master, BSc (Hons)



“I had suffered from poor quality sleep for a number of years and there seemed to be little end in sight. I had tried prescribed medication, but these were generally ineffective as a resolution. However, I have found the core transformation techniques used by Sue to become an effective means of addressing my underlying sleep issues. For those who have had difficulties initiating sleep, staying asleep and have laid there awake and frustrated for hours on end with no apparent cause, I would certainly recommend a consultation with Sue.”


Work Stress

Thank you for today’s session.  It was genuinely a game – changer for me and I appreciated the chance to express feelings and emotions safely, which I have bottled up for two years, probably longer. D, Director


Giving me a Future

After years of battling depression, seemingly thinking when it would pass that  this would be the last time, i became less able to manage and it ended up crippling my life when I saw the true effects of what it can lead to. Once the realisation that I was not coping and needed help urgently became the forefront of my mind, someone i knew could help me was Sue – Within a few hours, I was already feeling more confident and able to understand where my depression had stemmed from, enabling me to use tools in which to cope. Sue is an amazing, inspiring person, who has saved me from a point of no return – She makes you feel comfortable, with no judgement and has open ears, I could not recommend her enough, what a brilliant woman, I do not know where I would be without her wise and knowledgeable teaching.   PJR


Better Decisions and calmer

“As a business owner I am subject to all the stresses that one with trying to grow a business, as well as juggling several other balls at the same time.  The result of all this is that my mind seemed to be constantly racing.  What I needed was to be able to take stock of all the things going on around me.   Sue taught me how to achieve a state of calm through meditation and that has benefited me and my business.  Learning Mind Calm with Sue has helped me see the wood from the trees, make better business decisions and stay focused on what really matters in my life.” John, Golders Green


Fear of Dogs

“I had a fear of dogs and when Sue told me that she could help, I was sceptical. But  sue sat me down and we rewound to when my fear came from. My parents got a dog that I would see every day. Sue helped me out of myself to see a dog as though I was watching myself. The dog became a purple toaster and with that vision I was able to pet, stoke and walk our dog at home with ease! I can say its changed my life and that of my children who haven’t got a fear of our dog at all!” RP, Kenton



“Sue was recommended to me through a family friend. Two years ago doctors found a tumour on my spine. As a young lady in my twenties, not only was I devastated, I was also scared about what the future may hold. Sue’s hypnotherapy helped me through many sleepless nights, down days and most importantly helped me to focus on staying positive. Her services are priceless. Thank you Sue!”  L, Wembley 


Fear of Dentists

“I can thoroughly recommend Sue Gray:  After one session before a dental appointment for difficult root canal treatment I was able to overcome my fear of the dentist, even the dentist commented on how calm I was. It was great not having to worry in advance about my continued treatment the following week as I knew I could use Sue Gray’s techniques again.” L, Harrow


Work Stress, Sleep

“I resorted to using Sue Gray’s services as a result of feeling under immense work pressure which was affecting my health.  She undertook NLP and hypnotherapy which helped me to relax, expel stress and negative energy and sleep better.  I see Sue once a month or so and we work through different issues together.  Without Sue and her therapy I would probably be on medication to help sleep.  This has not been necessary.”  D, Northolt



“I have retained Sue’s services for over a year now.  Following a family bereavement in spring 2014, Sue was very instrumental in helping me deal with the loss. Wonderful recommendations such as purchasing things ‘in memory of’ were so helpful in helping me deal with the issue.  On balance, I highly recommend her services and will be looking forward to using the same over the coming years.”  T, Director, Consultant 


Interview Nerves

“Sue was of great assistance to me recently when I was nervous before going for an interview. After spending time with her, I went into my interview, was quite confident and relaxed and I got the position. I would highly recommend her coaching. Thank you Sue.”  S, North Harrow



Sue is an amazing practitioner who embodies what she teaches.  I saw her as I wanted to improve my confidence with how I tackled issues in the work place.  All it took was one session. Two years on, I haven’t looked back.”  M, Harrow



“I used to be really angry and at school, I was always getting in trouble for answering back and arguing with the teachers.  Sue helped me to understand how the teachers felt and that they have good and bad days too, and that they can’t always see exactly what has happened.  Sue also helped me with lots of other things like enjoying subjects I hated as they were hard. Now that I am not angry, I have a lot more friends, I am getting grade A’s for my work and I am doing well in school.  I am much happier!”  L aged 14 (name changed to protect her identity)



I had the pleasure of meeting Sue a few weeks back, Such a charming lady, I felt really relaxed in her presence, like I had known her for years. I have a bad love of bread and asked if there was any way she could work with me so that I didn’t want it so bad.  I only sat with her once, I do not eat bread every day anymore so I’m hoping to sit with sue and have a few more sessions so eventually, I leave it well alone …My next mission will be SPIDERS!!!   Highly recommend speaking to Sue , I am sure she can help You…  Donna, Harrow


Mind Calm

CALMER  –  The Mind Calm Course really reduced our levels of stress and anxiety’  Sanjay

CALMER – Before attending Sue’s classes, life was chaotic.  I am now grounded and calmer – much better equipped to deal with stressful and pressured situations.” Kim

REBALANCING – “I found Sue’s meditation sessions highly beneficial and calming. I enjoyed both the theory and self development, and the mediation in latter half of the session. The perfect balance.”   Sonya

“The focus of the Mind Calm course was just what I needed to rebalance my life”  Jeune