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pink light in pink heart

The Pink Light Technique – A Guided Meditation for Sleep

The Pink Light Technique is an ancient meditation for sleep that is designed to heal relationships, quiet a busy mind, and stop overthinking. It helps you fall asleep by helping you let go of worries and upsets that keep you awake at night.
Why I Became a Sleep Coach and Therapist

Why I Became an Insomnia/ Sleep Coach …

I become an Insomnia/ Sleep Coach & Therapist - It was a big career change – find out why! If you want to improve your sleep, this will tell you who I am.
My sleep was so much better – after less than 6 sessions

My sleep was so much better – after less than 6 sessions

Martin talks about his insomnia, how he struggled to fall asleep and how he learned to sleep again. Martin improved his life and learned to sleep better in just six weeks with my HelpMeSleep Coaching & Therapy sessions. Difficulty falling asleep is one of the NHS definitions of insomnia. “My sleep is definitely better now….



Sleeping on your side can improve your sleep. Find out the benefits, which side is best for you, and how not to roll back into your 'usual' position.
Man snoring loudly in bed while partner covers her ears with pillow and looks annoyed

How to Stop Snoring Quickly

If you want to quickly stop snoring and start to sleep well again, my Three Step will help you sleep peacefully and get a refreshing night sleep. You can banish the snores, snorts and wheezes in just a few weeks! The plan combines scientifically proven Mouth & Tongue Exercises with Singing and Stop Snoring Therapy & Coaching sessions. Did you know that Hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective Stop Snoring treatment?
Scrabble letters describing how to deal with overwhelm

Dealing with Overwhelm

Overwhelm is not just a day time problem. When you are very busy, it is easy for feelings from the day to stop you sleeping. Your mind goes back to the day, you lie awake replaying the situation, trying to problem solve. But when there is no easy solution, your thoughts get stuck in a loop and you can spend hours overthinking.

How to Sleep in Hot Weather

If you have to sleep in hot weather, it's important to know how to cool the house and how to cool down yourself. It helps to use the right bedding, create through-draughts and know the best cooling drinks. Here are some do's and don'ts on how to sleep in the heat. There are also three breathing techniques designed to help you relax, and cool down.
Image shows different ways of sleeping including - side sleeping, curling up in a foetal position, front sleeping, back sleeping and sleep sitting upright

What’s the Best Sleeping Position for You?

Your sleep position impacts your sleep quality, energy, and general wellbeing. Pain, snoring, Asthma, gut issues can all be improved by finding the right sleep position. Whether you are a front sleeper or you sleep on your back, or are a side sleeper - or even sleep sitting up, it is helpful to check whether it is the best one for you. Each has pros and cons – pain, breathing, snoring, Asthma and gut issues can all be improved by adjusting your sleep position.
sleeping with your mouth open is a major cause of snoring and poor quality sleep

Are you struggling to stop snoring?

Do you want to stop snoring, but find the usual snoring solutions aren't working? I can help you.
Most insomnias find it hard to resist logging on when we've been awake for hours - but it makes it harder to sleep.

What is Insomnia?

We often think of insomnia as not being able to fall asleep, but actually insomnia is much more complex. It can include daytime fatigue, waking up often or waking very early.
Are you struggling to sleep well?

Are you struggling to sleep well?

My website has a lot of resources to help you sleep. And I can help you improve your sleep quickly and easily by dealing with the root cause of your sleep issue.

Twelve Causes of Night Sweats

Women and men experience night sweats but not all are due to hormones. Other causes include stress, health issues, drugs and even your bedding which may worsen your night sweats. This video gives you information on the different causes of night sweats

How to Switch Off and Fall Asleep

So often we are kept awake by our busy minds! If you want to fall asleep quickly and quieten your busy mind, here are six simple, tried and tested, suggestions that you can use straight away - instead of lying there, thinking thought after another.
5-Tips-For-Bed-Time Reading

How Reading at Bedtime Can Help You Sleep

Reading can help you drift into a beautiful, refreshing sleep! And here are 5 tips to get the most of your bedtime reading.

How a Night-Time Routine Can Help You Sleep

How a Night-Time Routine Can Help You Sleep

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep?


How to sleep with a snorer

Snoring is something that is usually easy to fix – if you look beyond the shelves in your local chemist. But sometimes you need to be able to sleep through other people’s snoring.



Do you want to Stop Snoring? Here are Six Free, Effective Snoring Solutions, that you may not know, to help you stop snoring
How to Reduce Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

How to Reduce Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

Do you wake at night in a sweat? Or do Hot Flushes keep you awake?

Will a new mattress help you sleep?

Will a new mattress help you sleep?

Are you looking for the best mattress for sleep? What is the best mattress for sleep? Are you buying a new mattress to help you sleep better? Which mattress will stop you from waking at night? Is there a mattress to ease Restless Legs? What mattress will help Chronic Pain? This video will help you weigh up whether a new mattress is likely to sort out your sleep problem.
Slow, gentle nasal breathing offers huge benefits for our sleep and health and wellbeing.

How to Benefit from Nasal Breathing

Learning Nasal Breathing can improve your sleep and health. Far too many of us breathe in a way that is harmful. In this blog, I’m going to show you techniques that can help you to breathe properly, and breathing techniques that will help you sleep, help you get your energy back and another to help you calm and focus.
Why I couldn’t Sleep

Why I couldn’t Sleep

It was Sunday night, and I couldn’t sleep… I ignored my own advice about evening routines…