Why I Became a Sleep Coach and Therapist

Why I Became an Insomnia/ Sleep Coach …

I become an Insomnia/ Sleep Coach & Therapist – It was a big career change – find out why!

From Housing Proffessional, repsonsible for large projects and huge budgets – to Sleep Coach – two very different careers. Watch to discover why I made this change!

This video explains why I made a career change, from a job that involved writing reports for the Mayor of London (including Boris Johnson) to becoming a sleep coach and therapist. I also talk about my way back from Chronic Fatigue. If you have a sleep problem and might be looking for a coach/therapist, then I hope this will give you a bit more of a clue about who I am.

Before I became an Insomnia / Sleep Coach and Therapist, I spent my life working in Housing – giving housing advice, writing strategies, arranging the funding for new homes.

So why did I become an Insomnia/ Sleep Coach and Therapist?

Well, it was basically because I had such bad sleep. For decades I slept brilliantly! Then I got chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and insomnia kicked in/. Each year it just got worse and worse. I had to find my own way back to health and sleep. There was nothing really the doctors could do to help me. I had not heard of Sleep Coaches back then! Where there any? I do not know!

Then when I got well again I was so fascinated by that mind-body connection, that I decided to re-train as a holistic Therapist. I found I was getting a lot of clients with sleep issues, so decided to specialize  in helping people improve their sleep, using the scientific knowledge that’s out there and also, my own experience back to health and sleep.

If you’d like to know more, then give me a call. And remember ….

When you’re fed up

With counting sheep,

Talk to me,

I’ll help you sleep!

Thank you for taking an interest in my story, and I hope your sleep improves soon!

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