My sleep was so much better – after less than 6 sessions

My sleep was so much better – after less than 6 sessions

Martin talks about his insomnia, how he struggled to fall asleep and how he learned to sleep again. Martin improved his life and learned to sleep better in just six weeks with my HelpMeSleep Coaching & Therapy sessions. Difficulty falling asleep is one of the NHS definitions of insomnia.

“My sleep is definitely better now. I remember I phoned you out of desperation one morning. Just at my wit’s end really. So this is 6 sessions now, and it (my sleep) is definitely, definitely getting better now. Especially falling asleep – that was my main problem. The confidence in me now that it is getting better is 100% And, it’s not just about my sleep; it’s more about my life in general. Some of the things I have learnt in the last few weeks have also helped in other aspects of my life. General well-being and confidence. Fixing that sleep problem that crept in over time. It’s helped me in many ways. I’m feeling so much better. “

So, if you’ve got a sleep problem, or you are being kept awake by somebody snoring, and you want some help to improve your sleep, just get in touch. And remember – When you’re fed up with counting sheep. Talk to me; I’ll help you sleep!

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