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Help Me Sleep

Tailor-Made Sleep Transformation Programmes

Do you sleep well and wake up refreshed – ready to take the day in your stride and live your life, as you want it?

Or do you wake tired and exhausted, dreading the day ahead?

Perhaps you suffer from insomnia or another sleep disorder – or maybe chronic pain or the menopause is getting in the way of a good nights sleep?

We spend a third of our lives asleep and sleep is crucial for our mental and physical health and has a massive impact on how we function – our concentration, reaction times and decision making.

I know from personal experience how important sleep is;  how not sleeping well impacts on everything you do.

I am a specialist in sleep and help people recover their energy and wellbeing.  I have years of experience in helping people transform their lives. Learning to live in Smile, Sleep and Thrive Mode, instead of Fear, Stress, and Survive Mode.

It might be a Sleep Disorder such as Insomnia, Sleep Waking,  Limb Movements, Snoring.  Or a Sleep Stopper such as Chronic Pain, Menopause, or Anxiety.

I created “Help Me Sleep” – a tailor-made programme that utilises sleep training with the power of your mind, deep relaxation techniques, coaching, and meditation to help you resolve or reduce whatever is getting in your way of a great night’s sleep and feeling refreshed and energised when you wake.

So if you are struggling with your sleep and energy, you are in the right place.

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