How my Tailor-made Help Me Sleep Programmes may be just what you need to get your energy and sleep back.

How a Night-Time Routine Can Help You Sleep

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Having a regular night-time routine can really improve your sleep Night-time routines are important for adults as well as children. This video explains why night-time routines can help improve your sleep and reduce anxiety and overthinking.

How to Reduce Hot Flushes and Night Sweats

Do you wake at night in a sweat?

Or do Hot Flushes keep you awake?

Are you searching for how to sleep well and stay cool at night?

This video gives you tips that you can use to improve your sleep and reduce the night sweats and hot flushes

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Will a new mattress help you sleep?

Are you looking for the best mattress for sleep? What is the best mattress for sleep? Are you buying a new mattress to help you sleep better? Which mattress will stop you from waking at night? Is there a mattress to ease Restless Legs? What mattress will help Chronic Pain? This video will help you weigh up whether a new mattress is likely to sort out your sleep problem.

Why I couldn’t Sleep

It was Sunday night, and I couldn’t sleep….  I ignored my own advice about evening routines ….

Do you ever have a bad night’s sleep and wonder why? Or do you find your mind is racing and you can’t switch off?  Perhaps you take your phone to bed with you?  Here are some reasons why you might not sleep well and what you can do to improve your sleep

Breathing for Sleep – 1

Learning nasal breathing will help you remain calm in the day and sleep better at night.

Understanding your Sleep Cycles and Sleep Stages can help you deal with a range of sleep issues

Do you wake at night?  Do you struggle to get up in the morning?  If so, this video may help you to adjust your timings and put your mind at rest.

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 How Your Choice of Bedding can Improve Your Sleep

Are you looking for the best bedding? Bedding that will help you sleep? This video introduces you to the advantages of woolen bedding and how it can help you sleep better. How Wool promotes better sleep Can woolen Pyjamas help you sleep better?

How to Get Back To Sleep if You Wake in the Night

Morning Energy
This video shows you three ways to naturally increase your morning energy – without coffee or energy drinks.

These three techniques will give you sustainable natural morning energy without coffee or energy drinks. You can use these techniques to establish a great natural morning routine or add them to your morning yoga routine or tai chi routine. They are also great to boost your energy before and after a run or workout. So, if you are tired or exhausted, here are some proven techniques that will help you get more energy in the morning. These techniques will also work if you are tired during the day, need something to help you focus and concentrate. If you would like a free MP3 recording or PDF, just get in touch!

Pink Light Technique

Ascension Meditation

This is a short video I made in 2020 about what Ascension Meditation has done for me.  If you would like to know more please visit The Bright Path