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The Pink Light Technique – A Guided Meditation for Sleep

If you want better sleep this sleep meditation will help you let go of worries, stop overthinking and fall asleep faster. Listen to this guided meditation for sleep before you go to bed or download the FREE PDF. It also helps heal relationsips, and is great to teach to kids.

The Pink Light Technique can improve your sleep and help heal relationships.

The Pink Light Technique

Do you lie awake at night worrying?

What is The Pink Light Technique?

The Pink Light Technique is an ancient technique designed to heal relationships, de-stress, quiet a busy mind, and stop overthinking. It helps you fall asleep by helping you let go of worries that might keep you awake at night.

What We Worry About

Most of our worries and overthinking centre around people – ourselves and others. Our minds seem to think bedtime is the time for worrying, feeling upset or angry – even about things far in the past or have not happened yet. This results in us lying awake and thinking about things we cannot change. Night-time worrying can you from sleeping and can result in you tossing and turning and getting poor-quality sleep. All that makes it harder to be at your best the next day.

My Experience with the Pink Light Technique

I found the Pink Light Technique very healing. I discovered that although I might not like what someone did, I did not need to carry the hurt around with me, like a weight of stones on my back.

Using the Pink Light Technique has massively improved all the relationships in my life – past and present.

The Pink Light Technique helped me let go of worries. hurt and anger. It was like putting down a weight of stones I had been carrying around for years.

Photo by Ben Karpinski  on Unsplash

What does the Pink Light Technique Involve?

The Pink Light Technique involves imagining yourself in a sphere or bubble of pink light, radiating from your heart. The next step involves covering people in your life, one by one, in pink loving light. Include people who have passed on and those you do not feel very loving toward. Do each person quickly and move on. In this way, you are not spending time judging them or thinking about your feelings toward them.

Kids Love The Pink Light Technique

The Pink Light Technique is great for teaching children. You can use it as part of their bedtime routine. It can help them feel stronger and more positive about relationships, and deal with problems easier.

How often should I use it?

Use the Pink Light Technique itself once a day for five to ten minutes.

Use the technique without expectations or judgments. Its effects can be profound.

Do I need to listen to the recording?

No, the recording is there to help you learn the technique and to get you into a relaxed frame of mind. The instructions are below and I can send you a PDF.


Here are the instructions for how to use the Pink Light Technique without the recording

First of all, before you start this sleep meditation, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Get yourself in a loving space. As you do this, you might remember a time when you felt loved.

In your mind’s eye, picture pink loving light radiating from your heart, encompassing you in it, like it’s a pink sphere surrounding you. You don’t have to visualise any light or see the light. Just have the intention of covering yourself with pink-loving light.

Starting with a loving memory of yourself, bring that image of you in front, outside the pink light. In your mind’s eye, picture yourself covering the image with the pink light, just as if you were icing a cake. So now, just cover the image, then let it go

Next, bring in a loving memory of someone from your immediate family. Perhaps your mother, your father, siblings, or children even people who have passed away. Cover them, let them go, and move on to the next person. 

Now bring in an image of anyone whom you have an emotional charge or discomfort with. Cover them with pink loving light and let them go.  This can be harder but don’t think about whether they deserve it or how much pink light to give them, just cover them in pink and let them go.

If you cannot remember this person in a loving way just picture them in front of you. If you cannot do that, then stand them at a distance or facing away from you. Cover them in pink light.

Allow anyone else to appear, cover them with the pink-loving light and let them go.

You have finished when no one else is showing up naturally, or you have been doing the Pink Light Technique technique for about five minute

To conclude the sleep meditation, just go back to that image of yourself, cover it in pink light and let it go.

Now you are done for the day.


If you think you cannot meditation, don’t worry – just listen to the guided sleep meditation.

Don’t worry if you can’t visualise pink loving light don’t worry – just have the intention of doing so.

You might find it hard to conjure a loving image of a person. Just picture them in front of you, move them firther away or have them facing away from you.

When doing this exercise, cover anyone who appears in pink light – don’t push them away. Once they’re done, assume they’re done for the day and don’t need to be done again

.In the beginning, this sleep meditation should take no more than about 10 minutes a day, eventually getting down to about five minutes. 

And if you can’t see the pink light or visualize it, that’s fine. It’s just the intent that’s important in any meditation for sleep.

You’ll get a sense when somebody is completed and doesn’t need to be done any more. Some people will show up and some people might not for a while. Others you might not expect to see will suddenly appear. Always do whoever appears

And remember, use this sleep meditation daily.

If you would like help to improve your sleep, please get in touch.

Link to Pink Light PDF

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