Sleep Problems and How to Overcome Them


How to Switch Off and Fall Asleep

Does your busy mind stop you from sleeping? Do you want to learn how to switch off and fall asleep? Unlock the secrets of a restful night's sleep, including an evening routine and nasal breathing. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.
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Ten Tips for Changing Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

Do you need to change your sleep-wake cycle? If so, here are ten things you can do to adjust your sleep pattern quickly and easily.
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How to Stop Snoring Quickly

If you want to quickly stop snoring and start to sleep well again, my Three Step will help you sleep peacefully and get a refreshing night sleep. You can banish the snores, snorts and wheezes in just a few weeks! The plan combines scientifically proven Mouth & Tongue Exercises with Singing and Stop Snoring Therapy & Coaching sessions. Did you know that Hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective Stop Snoring treatment?

How to Sleep in Hot Weather

If you have to sleep in hot weather, it's important to know how to cool the house and how to cool down yourself. It helps to use the right bedding, create through-draughts and know the best cooling drinks. Here are some do's and don'ts on how to sleep in the heat. There are also three breathing techniques designed to help you relax, and cool down.
Most insomnias find it hard to resist logging on when we've been awake for hours - but it makes it harder to sleep.

What is Insomnia?

We often think of insomnia as not being able to fall asleep, but actually insomnia is much more complex. It can include daytime fatigue, waking up often or waking very early.

Twelve Causes of Night Sweats

Women and men experience night sweats but not all are due to hormones. Other causes include stress, health issues, drugs and even your bedding which may worsen your night sweats. This video gives you information on the different causes of night sweats


Do you want to Stop Snoring? Here are Six Free, Effective Snoring Solutions, that you may not know, to help you stop snoring
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The Pink Light Technique – A Guided Meditation for Sleep

The Pink Light Technique is an ancient meditation for sleep that is designed to heal relationships, quiet a busy mind, and stop overthinking. It helps you fall asleep by helping you let go of worries and upsets that keep you awake at night.
How my Tailor-made Help Me Sleep Programmes may be just what you need to get your energy and sleep back.

How my Tailor-made Help Me Sleep Programmes may be just what you need to get your energy and sleep back.

Help Me Sleep is a breakthrough way to effectively reset your sleep and energy. Each programme is tailor-made and effective for a wide range of sleep disorders and sleep stoppers.

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Top Tips for Sleeping with Pain

FREE Guided Help Me Sleep   Self-Hypnosis and Meditation Downloads REMEMBERCheck out why pain is present – don’t make assumptions.Pain is your body’s early warning system that something may be wrong. Helping people overcome chronic pain insomnia is a big part of my mission to help people get a good night’s sleep.   Many people struggle to…


Ten Tips to Help You get a Great Night’s Sleep

Are you fed up with poor sleep? Do you want to wake feeling refreshed in the morning? You are not alone! Causes of Poor Sleep Pain, stress and anxiety are among the biggest causes of insomnia.  One in three people in the UK experience insomnia, or another sleep disorder.  Long term sleep deprivation can have…

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Seven Steps to Stop Overthinking And Get Off to Sleep

Whether you are lying in bed at night, not able to get off to sleep, or wake up worrying about something that’s been and gone, or hasn’t happened yet, overthinking is exhausting. Almost everyone goes through times when they cannot stop the incessant flow of thoughts streaming in day and night.  It’s rarely about that…


How to stop snoring & the effect of snoring on sleep and wellbeing

WHO SNORES? Snoring is a widespread problem – it affects men, women, young, old, babies, children and even animals – particularly my son’s bulldog!  Estimates suggest that 45% of the population snore. If you add on partners, then there are vast numbers of people affected by snoring every night. It’s generally believed that snoring is…

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CPAP Case Study

Are you struggling to sleep well with a CPAP machine? Most people do at first, and although many get used to it eventually, some people can’t and give up. Did you know that hypnotherapy and coaching can bypass the need to Ceep Practicing and Persevering? Hypnotherapy can quickly help you to sleep comfortably with a…

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How to relax and sleep well with a CPAP Machine?

Are you struggling to sleep with a CPAP machine? You are not alone! Some people take longer than others to get used to it. Ceep Pacticing And Persevering? This works for some people, but not for everyone. Some people end up giving up on the machine altogether. So if Practicing And Persevering isn’t working for…

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Long Term Consequences of Poor Sleep

Everyone seems to have suffered from periods of poor sleep at some time in their lives and there are so many causes!   Sleep problems often start when off with being kept awake by babies and young children and we know that sleep can deteriorate as we get older.   We also know how hard it is…

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Chronic Pain – how to sleep and relieve / manage your symptoms

I have been getting more inquiries lately from people with chronic pain and digestive issues. Can Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP or Meditation help someone manage their symptoms and bring some relief?

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How Meditation can help Sleep and Chronic Pain

This week’s article looks at looks at how meditation can help reduce Chronic Pain.