How to relax and sleep well with a CPAP Machine?

Are you struggling to sleep with a CPAP machine?

You are not alone! Some people take longer than others to get used to it.

Ceep Pacticing And Persevering? This works for some people, but not for everyone.

Some people end up giving up on the machine altogether.

So if Practicing And Persevering isn’t working for you, how can you speed up getting used to the machine?

Learning to relax is the key to good sleep and in this article I have focused on practical things you can do that will make a quickly big difference to your sleep and stress levels, helping you relax deeply and sleep better with or without a CPAP machine. Your partner may want to try some too!

1. Smile and watch your breath – in and out.

Notice how your breath naturally slows and deepens. Allow yourself to pause for a couple of seconds after breathing in and after breathing out. Imagine breathing out through your feet.

2. Just listen….

  • Listen to the birds,
  • Notice the sound of machine and the other sounds you can hear.
  • Notice the voice in your head (never mind what it says), notice how you are not the voice in your head – you are the one noticing it.
  • Listen to the noises your body makes

3. Let go of any annoyance, anger and embarrassment at having to wear a mask.

  • It’s only when you judge something as bad that it becomes a problem.
  • Remember all the times you have slept in places that were noisy and not so comfortable.
  • Count how many different types of masks you can think of, that people sometime have to wear – awake or asleep

4. Become familiar with the sound of the machine and notice the feel of the air and mask. Build up the time you wear it during the day.

5. Daydream – let your memory or imagination take you to that special beach or other wonderfully relaxing place. Notice what you see, notice what you hear, notice what you feel. Smile and breathe deeply and slowly.

6. Practice this Gratitude Exercise before you sleep

  • Acknowledge the good things that happened today – even if only hearing a bird sing.
  • Mentally thank anyone who helped you or was in your life – even the bus driver, train driver, the people who invented and made the machine and the mask, the person who packed it etc.
  • hank other people who have been important in your life
  • Continue ….

6. Take short naps. Naps are GOOD! 

7. Remember alcohol and drugs can cause you to wake more often at night – so avoid!.

8. Also avoid the use of sleeping tablets and tranquilisers – but don’t stop taking prescription drugs without talking to your GP.

9. Consider whether any life style changes might help you

10. Stop smoking as smoking worsens the swelling in the upper airway

If you would like some more information or help with any of these, or would just like to chat to someone, do get in touch. We offer a free initial 30 minute telephone / on line consultation.

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