CPAP Case Study

Are you struggling to sleep well with a CPAP machine? Most people do at first, and although many get used to it eventually, some people can’t and give up.

Did you know that hypnotherapy and coaching can bypass the need to Ceep Practicing and Persevering? Hypnotherapy can quickly help you to sleep comfortably with a CPAP machine and mask.

John is a successful 55-year old business man who contacted us for help sleeping with a CPAP machine. He had hoped that once he got the machine, his sleep problems would be over and that he and his partner could once again get a good night’s sleep.

But he was finding sleeping with the mask a real struggle and the noise from the machine bothered his partner. John was too embarrassed to wear the mask around the house and was starting to feel really annoyed about the whole situation. He knew if he persevered it would become easier, but he seemed to be getting even less sleep and was on the verge of giving up.

So John’s partner got him to contact HelpMeSleep. John’s coach spent some time understanding his individual issues and how they were impacting on his life and relationships.

Then she drew up a plan that would help him sleep well with a CPAP machine and generally improve his sleep and breathing. First, she taught John how to relax deeply and gave John a special hypnotherapy recording to listen to at home. John also learned some breathing exercises to practice daily.

After two weeks, John reported he was able to wear the mask around the house and had got more used to it. He was getting more sleep, although still waking up. John’s coach gave him a Better Sleep better recording and explained more about how sleep cycles work and that we all surface may times during the night, but generally sink back down into sleep and not remember waking.

At the following session, John said he and his partner were finding it hard to stop drinking wine on an evening, although he had swapped his nightly whisky for an herbal tea. John’s partner was also still finding the noise of the machine disturbing. John’s coach helped them both choose for soft drinks and water over alcohol. She also quickly helped John’s partner ignore the noise from the machine.

When we contacted John after two months, he and his partner were pleased to report that they were both sleep much better and had reduced their alcohol significantly.

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