How to stop snoring & the effect of snoring on sleep and wellbeing

WHO SNORES? Snoring is a widespread problem – it affects men, women, young, old, babies, children and even animals – particularly my son’s bulldog!  Estimates suggest that 45% of the population snore. If you add on partners, then there are vast numbers of people affected by snoring every night. It’s generally believed that snoring is…

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CPAP Case Study

Are you struggling to sleep well with a CPAP machine? Most people do at first, and although many get used to it eventually, some people can’t and give up. Did you know that hypnotherapy and coaching can bypass the need to Ceep Practicing and Persevering? Hypnotherapy can quickly help you to sleep comfortably with a…

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How to relax and sleep well with a CPAP Machine?

Are you struggling to sleep with a CPAP machine? You are not alone! Some people take longer than others to get used to it. Ceep Pacticing And Persevering? This works for some people, but not for everyone. Some people end up giving up on the machine altogether. So if Practicing And Persevering isn’t working for…