Appointments & Prices

Help Me Sleep is a tailor-made Sleep Transformation Programme that will help you improve your energy and your sleep, quickly and easily.

Your personalised Help Me Sleep programme will address your specific sleep issues and their cause. It will be a mix of one to one therapy and coaching sessions, relaxing audio recordings to listen to at home, written information, simple meditation and breathing techniques.

You won’t need to make huge efforts to change your ways of thinking or devote hours and hours to studying or practising. It is flexible and there is not a set format. It all depends on your needs.

Your tailor-made Help Me Sleep Programme will include some or all of the following:

  • Hypno-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Core Transformation
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques
  • Guided Meditation recordings for home use
  • Hypnotherapy recordings for home use
  • Sleep diary and Sleep Questionnaire
  • Handouts
  • Support outside sessions during and after the programme (see details for each package)
  • Wholeness Process

Booking a package of sessions gives the opportunity to have a balanced programme combining sleep training, hypnotherapy and coaching to help you make rediscover refreshing sleep.  You also benefit from support between sessions, more handouts, and recordings as welll as follow on support.   You can add on additional sessions.

Appointments – At present, all appointments are on-line.   Post-Covid, there will again be the option of in-person appointments in Deal, Kent.

Help Me Sleep Programmes

Single Session – 60 or 90 minutes

Booking on a session by session basis

Perfect if you:

  • Try a single session before booking a package
  • Need just a little right now
  • Want to relax at a busy or stressful time

One 60 minute session - £110  or

One 90 minute session - £160


60 minutes session

110 Fee

90 minutes session

160 Fee

Bronze Sleeper

Ideal for resolving many sleep issues and equipping you with the tools to avoid similar situations in future.

Eight Hours - £780

5 x 90-minute sessions

1 x 30-minute follow up session 6 weeks after last appointment.

Ongoing text support for 2 months after your Help Me Sleep Programme ends


8 Hours programme duration

780 Fee

Silver Sleeper

Ideal for getting to the core of most long-standing sleep issues and resolving them.

I have found this is the optimum for creating permanent change with most sleep issues.

14 Hours Coaching & Therapy - £1325

Bonus Free 30-minute catch up call, 4 weeks after last session

10 X 90-minute sessions – or mix of 60 and 90-minute sessions to suit you.

Ongoing text support for 2 months after your Help Me Sleep Programme ends


14.5 Hours total

1325 Fee

Gold Sleeper

Ideal for getting to the core of long-standing sleep and other complex issues, such as chronic pain, severe anxiety and resolving them,

AND learning the art of meditation for yourself.

Cost: £1890

21 Hours Coaching & Therapy & Meditation –

14 x 90-minutes sessions

Or a mix of 30, 60 & 90-minute sessions to suit you.

Meditation Sessions are generally 30-minutes long.

Coaching & Therapy sessions normally 60 or 90 minutes

2 FREE BONUS 30-Minute catch up call – 6 weeks and 12 weeks after your last session

Ongoing text support for 3 months after your Help Me Sleep Programme ends


22 Hours total

1890 Fee

Relaxation and Meditation for Sleep

3 x 30 minute sessions - £175

In these 3 x 30-minute sessions I will teach you techniques for sleep, relaxation and energy. You will also get recordings to use at home. This is perfect for minor sleep disturbances or periods of stress. It is also a good introduction to Help Me Sleep.


120 minutes total duration

175 Fee