How to Switch Off and Fall Asleep

Does Your Busy Mind Stop You from Sleeping?

Do you long to be able to just switch off and fall asleep at night? Here are six simple, tried and tested, suggestions to help you quieten a busy mind, switch off and fall asleep So if you are fed up with lying there, awake, thinking thought after another – try these suggestions.

Why we have thoughts night

Science used to think that sleep was when the brain shutdown- like unplugging a kettle.   But we now know that a lot happens during sleep. One of the most important functions of sleep is to give our minds a chance process events and memories.  We also know that dreams are very important.  Consequently, it is natural for thoughts, impressions, stories and disjointed snippets to be there as we fall asleep, and as we surface after each 60-120 minute sleep phase.

What sort of thoughts stop us sleeping?

Spend a moment thinking about when you were kept awake by thoughts and compare it with a time when you drifted off to sleep easily.

  • What differences do you notice?
  • What was your day like?
  • Were you as busy?

First, think about a time when you were tired and ready for sleep, but instead of falling asleep, thoughts seem to come out of nowhere – either harking back to the past or forward into the future. 
Think about what you were doing that day?
What did you do just before bed?
How did you feel?
Then write down your answers

Now, just imagine … you are on that dream holiday and have just had a perfect day, perhaps something special has happened; You feel all is well with the world.
And as you lie there, it can be nice to to dreamily experience the day again – smiling and feeling so good, feeling that the world is a good place after all.
It is so much easier to fall asleep when you feel like this.
Spend a few moments remembering how you felt.
What words would you use to describe those feelings?
Then write down your answers

Ways to Quieten Your Mind

There are some simple things that you can do to calm your mind and your body and get ready for sleep.

Evening routine

First, set up a good evening routine.  Evening routines can help calm your mind.  If you repeat the same sequence of events each day, after a while, you won’t need to think about it. You start to do it automatically.   Routines reduce the need to think.

Evening Routines often include some of the following, and I have videos and blogs on most of them:


Breath through your nose during the day and learn Alternate Nasal Breathing to help you stay calm and focused.  For more information on this, see my blogs on breathing.

Let go of thoughts, emotions, hurts and worries

  • Throughout your day, imagine putting that thought, worry or feeling into a balloon and letting it float away.  It is OK if it comes back – just do it again. 
  • Learn the Pink Light Technique – see my videos and blogs.
  • Learn the NLP Forgiveness Process – ask me for an audio recording – this it to calm YOUR system.
  • Imagine you could shrink down that thing or person that is disturbing your sleep, move it further away and turn down the sound.

Just play with these ideas, and contact me if you would like to learn more about this. 

Reprogramme your brain

Remember, your mind has got into the habit of thinking that bed is a good time to worry and think about things. It’s as if part of your brain is saying ” Great! I have eight uninterrupted hours for worrying and re-hashing the past!”    If you are fed up with this, try my Sleep Therapy.. It will help you to stop this unwanted ‘routine’ and instead, help you fall asleep quickly.

Calm Your System

Use whatever calming routine you prefer, provided it fits with your evening routine and isn’t going to make you more awake!   

You can find recordings on my website that will help you relax and calm. 

Listen to Marconi Union’s music – it is designed to help you de-stress, let go of anxiety and sleep

Calming your system and sleeping better will benefit you during the day too. As you get better at this, you will be much calmer, more resilient and able to take things in your stride.

Resolve the Root Cause

Resolving the Root Cause is the best way of dealing with a sleep issue.  In my experience, that annoying part that is keeping us awake wants something positive for us – it often feels unsafe.  So, although you want to sleep, this other part that wants you to stay alert.  My Sleep Therapy will help you get to the root cause of your sleep issue.

When you’re fed up with counting sheep

Talk to me – I’ll help you sleep!

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