All about Sleep

Most insomnias find it hard to resist logging on when we've been awake for hours - but it makes it harder to sleep.

What is Insomnia?

We often think of insomnia as not being able to fall asleep, but actually insomnia is much more complex. It can include daytime fatigue, waking up often or waking very early.
Why I couldn’t Sleep

Why I couldn’t Sleep

It was Sunday night, and I couldn’t sleep… I ignored my own advice about evening routines…

Martin Droeshout, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Shakespeare – Sonnet 27

I love this poem by Shakespeare.  I think it is a wonderful description of those sleepless nights when your mind is racing and just will not settle.

Guidelines for a Good Nap

Over the years many various experiments over the years have shown the benefits of napping.

Understanding your Sleep Cycles and Sleep Stages can help you deal with a range of sleep issues

Sleep Stages and Sleep Cycles

Do you wake at night? Do you struggle to get up in the morning? If so, this video may help you to adjust your timings and put your mind at rest.

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Long Term Consequences of Poor Sleep

Everyone seems to have suffered from periods of poor sleep at some time in their lives and there are so many causes!   Sleep problems often start when off with being kept awake by babies and young children and we know that sleep can deteriorate as we get older.   We also know how hard it is…

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Why take a nap?

Even small amounts of sleep lose can ruin our concentration and leave us feeling tired the next day.  Many reports into disastrous accidents highlight lack of sleep as an issue, from the Croydon tram crash to the Challenger Space Shuttle, where some managers had had as little as two hours sleep. Today, I want to…