sleeping with your mouth open is a major cause of snoring and poor quality sleep

Are you struggling to stop snoring?

If you are struggling to stop snoring, don’t be disheartened, even if none of the latest snoring solutions seem to work for you. Find why you should persevere and what to do next.

How Important Is It To Stop Snoring?

Remember that your sleep is priceless – you may get through a period of poor, unrefreshing sleep in the short term, but if it goes on it will take its toll on your life, your relationships, your career and your health. You know that poor sleep takes its toll on you. But did you know that although you might sleep through your snoring, it wrecks the quality of your sleep – and your partner’s too? So, don’t give up – you CAN stop snoring without snuggling.

Common Stop Snoring Tips

The media is full of articles featuring Top Tips to Stop Snoring. These often include:

  • sleeping on your side,
  • nasal strips,
  • avoiding alcohol
  • stopping smoking
  • loosing weight
  • Gargles, sprays, tablets etc

But Do Stop Snoring Tips Work?

Sadly, many of us find that these much-repeated snoring solutions just do not work for us. A new suggestion brings hope, so we try the latest gadgets and sprays in the hope they have an effect, but night after night we continue to struggle to stop snoring. Really, the best solution to stopping snoring is to treat it as seriously as any other sleep disorder.

The Impact of Stress on Snoring

Did you know that your stress level, your worries and how you breathe have a big impact on your sleep and your life? And that you are more likely to snore when you are stressed, upset or have something bothering you. So, let go of the struggle and learn to sleep without snoring.

The Role your Unconscious Mind Plays in Snoring

Have you ever considered that your mind and body haven’t forgotten how to sleep well? Or that your subconscious knows how to snore and remembers how to sleep without snoring.

Watch the Video on “How I Can Help You Stop Snoring”

Watch the video below and find out more about how I can help you stop snoring, by dealing with the root causes and see my other blogs and videos that have advice and tips on snoring and how to improve your sleep.



This is an approximate transcription of the video, amended so that it fits in with the overall blog.

Why it’s Important to Stop Snoring

Your snoring doesn’t just disturb your partner’s sleep, it also gives you poor quality, often unrefreshing sleep. If you can actually stop snoring you will get much better quality sleep. So it makes sense to stop snoring.

Help Me Sleep’s Snoring Transformation Programme

It generally, it takes between two and five sessions for me to help you to stop snoring, using a mix of coaching, advice, therapy and teaching you to relax deeply.  Here are some key areas we’ll look at:

First of all, What’s Happening in your Daily Life?

Do you have a sleep-friendly lifestyle, or do you have a snoring-friendly lifestyle instead?

Secondly – What about Your Breathing?

Do you always breathe through your nose, night and day? Or maybe you mainly breathe through your mouth? Or perhaps you switch between the two?

You should only breath through your nose, never through your mouth. This is so important for your sleep and wellbeing, and you can even learn to breathe through your nose when you’re asleep. Once you sleep with your mouth closed, it is likely to stop your snoring (unless you snore through your nose too) and give you much better quality sleep.

Perhaps you may have allergies or asthma? They won’t stop you from learning to sleep well and not snore, and it may be useful to do some work with those. You may not know that allergies, hay fever and even asthma tend to be very responsive to Hypnotherapy and NLP.

Fourthly, What about Stress?

Are you very stressed at the moment? Remember back to a time when you were on a holiday, or other time when you were relaxed and unwound. How was your snoring the? It was probably not nearly as bad – unless you were drinking too! It is a fact that when you are stressed your snoring is much worse.

Fifth – Are There Any Upsets in Your Life?

Upsets, worries and traumas – even from the past that might still be playing on your conscious or subconscious mind and stopping you from going to bed feeling calm and relaxed. I can help you let go of them. If you can go to bed feeling calm and relaxed, you’re going to have better quality sleep.

My Sleep Transformation Programmes

I use Hypno-CBT-for Insomnia, Life and Sleep Coaching Hypnotherapy, Meditation and NLP Processes such as Core Transformation and The Wholeness Process. My programmes are designed to help even the worst sleeper/ snorer make changes quickly and effectively. So if you want to know more then give me a call or book an appointment through my website.

How to Sleep with a Snorer

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Breathing for Sleep – video

For more on Snoring and Medical options see the NHS website here.

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