Image shows different ways of sleeping including - side sleeping, curling up in a foetal position, front sleeping, back sleeping and sleep sitting upright

What’s the Best Sleeping Position for You?

Your sleep position impacts your sleep quality, energy, and general wellbeing. Pain, snoring, Asthma, gut issues can all be improved by finding the right sleep position. Whether you are a front sleeper or you sleep on your back, or are a side sleeper - or even sleep sitting up, it is helpful to check whether it is the best one for you. Each has pros and cons – pain, breathing, snoring, Asthma and gut issues can all be improved by adjusting your sleep position.
How a Night-Time Routine Can Help You Sleep

How a Night-Time Routine Can Help You Sleep

Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep?

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The Pink Light Technique – A Guided Meditation for Sleep

The Pink Light Technique is an ancient meditation for sleep that is designed to heal relationships, quiet a busy mind, and stop overthinking. It helps you fall asleep by helping you let go of worries and upsets that keep you awake at night.
Will a new mattress help you sleep?

Will a new mattress help you sleep?

Are you looking for the best mattress for sleep? What is the best mattress for sleep? Are you buying a new mattress to help you sleep better? Which mattress will stop you from waking at night? Is there a mattress to ease Restless Legs? What mattress will help Chronic Pain? This video will help you weigh up whether a new mattress is likely to sort out your sleep problem.
Slow, gentle nasal breathing offers huge benefits for our sleep and health and wellbeing.

How to Benefit from Nasal Breathing

Learning Nasal Breathing can improve your sleep and health. Far too many of us breathe in a way that is harmful. In this blog, I’m going to show you techniques that can help you to breathe properly, and breathing techniques that will help you sleep, help you get your energy back and another to help you calm and focus.
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Top Tips for Sleeping with Pain

FREE Guided Help Me Sleep   Self-Hypnosis and Meditation Downloads REMEMBERCheck out why pain is present – don’t make assumptions.Pain is your body’s early warning system that something may be wrong. Helping people overcome chronic pain insomnia is a big part of my mission to help people get a good night’s sleep.   Many people struggle to…

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Chronic Pain – how to sleep and relieve / manage your symptoms

I have been getting more inquiries lately from people with chronic pain and digestive issues. Can Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP or Meditation help someone manage their symptoms and bring some relief?

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How Meditation can help Sleep and Chronic Pain

This week’s article looks at looks at how meditation can help reduce Chronic Pain.