Naps and how to recover from a bad nights sleep

Seal asleep on a bench

Guidelines for a Good Nap

Over the years many various experiments over the years have shown the benefits of napping.

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Why take a nap?

Even small amounts of sleep lose can ruin our concentration and leave us feeling tired the next day.  Many reports into disastrous accidents highlight lack of sleep as an issue, from the Croydon tram crash to the Challenger Space Shuttle, where some managers had had as little as two hours sleep. Today, I want to…

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A Magical Christmas

I hope you enjoy this 10-minute hypnotic and relaxing recording designed to help you unwind at Christmas.

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Chronic Pain – how to sleep and relieve / manage your symptoms

I have been getting more inquiries lately from people with chronic pain and digestive issues. Can Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP or Meditation help someone manage their symptoms and bring some relief?