Conferences, team meetings and away-days


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An introduction to meditation is great addition to workplace conferences, team meetings and away days!


Mind Calm is particularly effective as people will experience CALM within minutes, and learn how they can build a simple eyes open and eyes closed practice into their day to day life.

It’s not a meditation you need to practice for months or years before you feel the benefit.


Suggested Agenda for Corporate Meditation Taster Classes

The agenda is flexible depending on the time available, but for a 60 – 90 minute slot, it normally includes:

  • Introduction
  • How to meditate with Mind Calm
  • Five Minute Meditation
  • What are you really seeking in life?  What is your ultimate goal?
  • There is more to life than we normally think
  • The Silent Solution – how to experience calm
  • Serenity + Success Formula  – how to avoid getting stressed
  • Ten Minute Meditation


Workplace Meditation Classes

I offer weekly workplace based meditation classes for groups of 4 or more.


Team Meetings – Relax and De-stress

This is particularly designed for social workers, counsellors and teams working with the public.  My programme is flexible and can include:

  • Practicing relaxation skills
  • De-stressing with a 30 minute group NLP / Hypnotherapy story
  • Learning to let go of and release stress
  • Letting go of the past and get rid of reoccurring memories


Coping with Uncertainty / Redundancy Courses

If your company is experiencing changes and is looking to make staff redundant, I can offer very effective classes for staff in how to get through the period of uncertainty and seeing it as an opportunity.  I can also help individuals affected rediscover their self-confidence and coach them in shining at job interviews.


One to One Coaching Executive Coaching packages

Please contact me about tailor made packages