FAQ: Jet Lag, Shift Working, Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder

These disorders are generally known as Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders.  

Sleep times and patterns are out of alignment and it can be a struggle to get to sleep or wake up at the right time. They includeWith Jet Lag, your sleeping patterns will adjust after a few days or a week, whereas that does not happen with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, but therapy and coaching can help you sleep well again.Like both Jet Lag and Insomnia, you experience feelings of tiredness, lack of energy, feeling irritable and cross and experience difficulty concentrating.How I can helpIf you are suffering from a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder, I can help you retrain your mind and body to

  • Re-set your body clock to sleep and wake at the ‘right’ timeRetrain your mind and body to sleepAdopt regular day, evening and nighttime routinesCounter anxious thoughts
  • The effects of jet lag can be quickly reduced by listening to Specialist Help Me Sleep recordings – one to prepare for a long-haul flight and the other to counter jet lag.  They listened to in advance of, on and after the flight.If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone, do get in touch.  I offer a free initial 30-minute telephone / online consultation.