FAQ: Snoring and Sleep Apnoea / Breathing Related Disturbed Sleep

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea are the most common Breathing related sleep disorders.

Snoring is caused by air not being able to move freely through your nose and throat during sleep. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, hence the snoring sound.  Snoring can normally be quickly resolved using hypnotherapy and exercises. One or Two sessions is often enough.  See my blogs and videos on snoring.

It is not widely known that hypnotherapy can be a useful tool for eliminating snoring. 

-The National Center for Biotechnology Information & Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Sleep Apnoea is where breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night.  It is a potentially serious sleep disorder as the lack of quality sleep and oxygen and can lead to medical problems including raised blood pressure and diabetes.   Sleep Apnoea also leads to excessive day- time sleepiness which impacts your concentration and ability to drive safely.

How I can help

If you are suffering from a Breathing Related Sleep Disorder, I can help you retrain your mind and body to

  • Breathe quietly and regularly as you sleep
  • Sleep comfortably on your side
  • Sleep comfortably wearing a CPAP Mask or Gum Shield
  • Teach you simple exercises to reduce your snoring and strengthen your airways
  • We can also help you make lifestyle changes that will help improve your breathing and energy levels.
  • Help your partner sleep through noise eg snoring or the sound of a CPAP Machine

If you would like more information or would like to talk to someone, do get in touch.  We offer a free initial 30-minute telephone / online consultation.