How to stop snoring

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It’s estimated that about 45% of the population snore – and many of them will be keeping their partners awake!

Snoring has traditionally been thought of as something men’s problem.

But many women snore too – particularly in pregnancy and during and after the menopause.  The NHS reports that 61% of menopausal women as do not feel they are getting refreshing sleep and snoring can contribute to this.

Babies and children can also snore. If your child snores regularly then look up articles on the disadvantages and health impacts of mouth breathing.

Self Help and FREE Snoring Solutions

Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Stay away from alcohol and tobacco at least 4 hours before bedtime. Sleeping tablets or tranquilisers can increase snoring.


You can have fun and sort out your snoring and stress at the same time AND it won’t cost you a penny.

Sing in the bath, sing in the shower, sing in the car, sing everywhere.  Join a singing group – it doesn’t matter that you don’t know the words and are tone deaf.  Sing out your worries to a thumping good tune.

Sing.    Out loud.

Singing is the best value therapy imaginable as it not only strengthens your throat muscles, helps stop snoring, but is also awesome for depression, anxiety, fatigue, stress … and sleep!   Singing helps switch on your parasympathetic nervous system that you need to Thrive, Sleep and Smile.

Simple Tongue Exercises

There are quite a few simple exercises that can help stop or reduce snoring,  Try this one!

Slowly repeat each vowel out loud for 20 times.   Make your mouth open wide and exaggerate the movements.  You can do this every hours or whenever you remember.

There is a list of them on the Ways to Improve Your Sleep page of my website.

Stop sleeping on your back – when you sleep on your back your tongue is more likely to fall back into the throat blocking off the airway.  Also the fatty tissue around your neck can add pressure on the airway.  Use more pillows to elevate your head – this can help you sleep on your side

Stop breathing through your mouth – When you breathe through your mouth the air comes in at a greater spend and hits the back of the throat, creating turbulence and snoring.   When you breathe through your nose, the air is slowed into a gentle flow as it passes over the curve of the soft palate.   If you breathe through your mouth during the day, then STOP!

Your nose is designed for breathing and nasal breathing is much better for you.  It is the way you are meant to breathe.

Breathe in and out slowly and gently through your nose. Make your out breath longer than your in breath. Add a pause at the end of the out breath before you breathe in again. Watch my videos on breathing and breathing techniques.

Use Sleep Tape – Use Sleep Tape to tape your mouth shut at night – yes seriously this works!  You can buy special mouth strips or you can just get Micropore Tape – But remember to turn over the ends so that you can get it off in a hurry.

Stick it on your arm a few times to reduce the stickiness, otherwise it might hurt the skin around your mouth in the morning.

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